Poodle Mistress


Poodle Mistress


  Thanks for stopping by. Poodle Mistress: the autobiographical story of life with nine toy poodles is the tale of my husband and me raising these little dogs during the first 27 years of our marriage.

  When I met Red, I was amazed that this adventuresome Highway Patrol pilot was raising poodles. I would have said he had big dogs, if any.

  I hadn’t been around dogs much, but I quickly adjusted to the two dogs and the ones that came after.

  After we lost the last one, we decided to do things for ourselves. Eight years after that day, I started putting dog stories on paper while I still had my mind.

  Why am I telling all this? You can read about our experiences in the book. You can find it through the publisher iUniverse, or through www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnoble.com.

  If you have any questions, ask me at sandlot17@juno.com. If you want to offer a comment, please do so at www.amazon.com. Follow me on Facebook through Sandra L. Latimer.

  After this book, my first, I kept writing. I’ve published Newsroom Buddies: A Working Friendship at United Press International. And I’m still writing. Stay tuned for more.

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