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Seeing Good

Posted on June 27, 2015 at 8:25 PM

This past week I saw two things that made me happy. Both involved books.


Wednesday my writing friend Peg and I had the opportunity to read to elementary school-aged children. We arrived early with books we had written. The principal led us to the library. I couldn’t help but start looking at books and wonder which ones I could check out. We browsed at the table where librarians were putting out books donated by a book store.


Soon teachers led the students into the library and the little ones took their seats on the floor. Parents had stayed when they brought their children to school for this special day. They sat in the back of the room.


A woman from the local library started the program by reading a book. Then it was my turn. I had learned one little boy was celebrating a birthday. I called him up and encouraged everyone to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. Then I read a little story from one of my books.


Then it was Peg’s turn. She read a children’s book she had written and published.


Children were told they could take a book from the table of donations. They scattered to all corners of the library and the outdoor courtyard to read. Some of the children sat with a parent and read.


Peg marveled at how well behaved these children were and how attentive.


“They’ve been read to at home,” said Peg, a former teacher.


And the father of the birthday boy sought me out to say thank you.


I felt so good as I left the school that day. I saw parents and children doing things together.


Saturday I witnessed another family togetherness. Again it was at a library.


I stopped in to pick up a book that had been placed on reserve for me. I got there a little early – the library had not yet opened. I stood in the foyer waiting for the library to open.


I walked in behind a family – Mother had one child in her arms, Daddy had another child by the hand. Families using the library. What a joy to see.


So often we hear of the young people who are doing wrong. There is some good in this world. Let’s spread the good and hope it overcomes the bad.






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