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Here Comes the Bride

Posted on November 8, 2015 at 11:25 PM

Did I tell you I lead an interesting life? And that I do things on the spur of the moment? I also have a fun quotient – what is the fun thing I did today.


Sunday, Nov. 8, was one of those days. I was slicing an apple for a mid-afternoon snack around 2:30 when I got a phone call. It was someone I know from covering meetings. His church was having a ceremony where “about 30 of us old people are renewing our wedding vows and I thought you’d like to come.”


That’s something you don’t see every day. Usually when a couple renews their vows, it is in a private ceremony generally for family. Three hours after the call I walked into the church and learned 23 couples had chosen to participate.


One couple had been married only eight years. About a half dozen or had been married more than 50 years. I spoke with one couple who had been married for 62!


An elementary-school aged boy and girl – ring bearer and flower girl – led the 23 couples, arm in arm, down the center aisle of the church as the organist played “Here Comes the Bride.”


“Brides” attired in dresses that covered the spectrum of the rainbow and somewhere in between. Hemlines that tickled the knees to tickling the shoe top. Some “brides” sported flowers on their wrist or a small white corsage on their dress. “Grooms” in business suits or casual in slacks, a shirt open at the neck and a sport coat. A boutonniere could be seen here and there.


They repeated vows read by the church’s pastor who was attired in a tuxedo. He and his wife, married 37 years, had renewed their vows at 25 years. He was finishing a six-week series of sermons on marriage and the family and thought the renewal of vows would be a nice way to end the series.


At the end of the vows, the pastor told the “grooms” they could kiss their “brides.”


A traditional reception followed in the church gym – cake, mints, nuts, coffee and punch. Couples, church members and guests ate, looked at wedding photos the couple brought for a display, and chatted among themselves.


I knew one couple, the one who invited me, but I knew three of the servers at the reception.


I have to admit wedding cake beats tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwich I had planned for dinner.


Wonder what next I can drop in the fun bucket next?






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