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The LA Times Festival of Books,Day 2

Posted on April 11, 2016 at 7:50 PM

Sunday, Day Two of the LA Times Festival of Books dawned dry and sunny. No rain in the forecast. Thank heaven, because putting the plastic poncho on and taking it off again the day before split the right side seam a little more each time.


I got to the USC campus in good time to get to the Children’s Reading tent. Henry Winkler was speaking at 10 a.m. The program started with a young husband-and-wife team singing and dancing and entertaining preschool aged children. One little boy was so funny.


Then came Henry Winkler and his co-author Lin Oliver. He was dressed in bright green corduroys and a purple sweater. He got a lot of applause from the adults in the audience when he said children should not be taught just to take a test. And he also said children should also be judged on what is inside them.


They read from their Hank Zipfer books. I laughed so hard. Oh, yes, he did slip in a sentence in the voice of The Fonz.


I loved the booth that had t-shirts with the name of an author or literary character on back along with a number, then something on the front representative of that person. For instance, Prynne and the number 8 were on the back and on the front was the letter A.


I was wearing a red sweatshirt with six poodles on it and the names of six of my dogs. I was signing Poodle Mistress that day. People liked my sweatshirt and I gave them my card, tried to sell the book out of my golf bag. They could get a free copy at my booth or they could also buy it at Author Solutions book gallery.


I took a rest break and listened to music that bordered on mariachi music. Then I found the C-Span trailer. The C–Span2 channel (looks like it is on Time Warner) has 48 hours of nonfiction books on weekends. (I have ATT, Uverse).


I was signing at 1:30 p.m. Actually, I started early. I had 75 books to sign. While signing, one of my guests was the young woman who was the NFPW High School Journalism Award of Excellence winner from last year. My publisher host told me at 1:30 p.m. that I had only 17 books left.


I got a big poster each day. I had flyers and bookmarks. My posters were so big I couldn’t get them in my luggage so the hotel is going to send them home to me. I will use them at upcoming book signings.




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