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Pitching books to movie producers

Posted on June 4, 2016 at 10:25 PM

I had a couple of work friends always tell me some day I’d be rich and famous. I would laugh at them. Well, now it may not be as funny. I just completed pitching both my books to movie producers. Or since they all looked so young, maybe they were assistants. (Everyone looks young to people my age, but there were at least two people in this group of 100 or so who were in their 80s.)


This goes back to last Christmas when I had a surprise phone call from an iUniverse marketing specialist. I didn’t even know they had such people. Poodle Mistress had been out since February 2011, and Newsroom Buddies came out in May 2014 and no such call. I was encouraged to go and pitch Newsroom Buddies. Later Poodle Mistress was added.


I searched various places to find out how to do this. I got tips from here and there. I wrote drafts. Revised. Tore up and started anew. Gee, you would have thought I was writing a novel rather than a two-minute spiel. Does Marvin Lewis spend that much time on a two-minute drill for the Bengals?


I had a new idea and worked around it at Ohio Writers Guild. We members worked it over the day before I left. I scratched and rescratched when I got here to Las Vegas. I had a practice pitch session and got tips. I rewrote and read it many times.


I wanted to make a good impression when I went in to do the speed pitching. Seven tables, two minutes at each table, bell rings, move. The producer is judging me as I talk. Do they want t read my book? Do they think I have a good enough topic that will make a movie?


Now I wait. I should know in a few weeks if they want to read my books and how many requests my books get. Then comes an option offer that means someone thinks there is a possibility and it brings a little bit of money. There’s more money if they say they are casting, have a director and budget. And still more money if the movie is made.


I’m trying not to get excited, put the cart before the horse and all that. I’m just thrilled that someone thinks my books are worthy of something. I’m just glad to have had the opportunity to come to Las Vegas, even though the temperature is around 108. I can hear Red now – “If you have an opportunity and don’t take advantage of it, you’ll be kicking yourself forever because you never know if it will come again.”


What did I think of the whole process? I did thank the practice pitch guy for his tips and encouragement and he apologized for making me tear up, but that’s what happens when you write about losing your best friend, whether it is human or canine. And what did I really think? Stay tuned for DVD being made of our exit interviews.




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