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Wichita, Kansas

Posted on September 13, 2016 at 3:10 PM

I spent much of last week (Sept. 8 to 11) at the NFPW annual conference in Wichita, Kansas. I had a great time – reconnecting with people I see once a year; seeing new sights, learning about communications, and what others are doing. Not to mention the good food.


I arrived in the Aviation Capital of the World around noon. The city got its name because of the construction of planes used in general aviation, like Beechcraft and Cessna. The conference was in the hotel across the street from the airport. Could have walked to the hotel, but they wouldn’t let me cross a freeway.


After an early-morning meeting we headed to a coffee shop that was in an old five-and-dime. Long and narrow. A partial second floor where financial people used to work, the ones who took the money out of the little cars on a moving track from the clerks. The painted tin ceilings.


After a light rain, the two vans then headed through town and some scenic byways to an art glass shop where we watched the workers take molten glass out of the oven at the end of a stick and roll it into a shape. I’m always amazed at their talents.


Our last stop was lunch – in another old five-and-dime. What good food. In the evening we went to Olde Town where a public radio station had only recently relocated to what had been an old depot. The chicken on a stick was so tender. A steady rain kept us from walking to a restaurant for dinner. The bus took us back to the hotel.


Presentations on reporting on disasters; using websites to your advantage; what to do after retirement; using local history in your work. That was what I got to. Many more were on the schedule.


We also have a silent auction which I visit and bid on items, hoping to get at least one. Or more. All of this sandwiched in between meals. We had an opportunity to sell books. I didn’t sell any Poodle Mistress, but I did sell two Newsroom Buddies. I had sold 12 copies of Poodle Mistress the previous two weeks, thanks to my participation in an ad in the New York Times.


One from our membership was chosen as Communicator of Achievement and contest winners received their certificates.


Did I mention rain? Twice our cell phone alarms went off, telling us of a flash flood warning in our area. We didn’t see that much water.


Wow! What fun! Looking forward to next September in Birmingham, Alabama. And hopefully more good food.


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