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Bunny Bob is My New Love

Posted on October 26, 2016 at 10:30 PM

What happens when you are getting ready for a big event? Surely something will go wrong. Bunny Bob agrees with you.


Bunny Bob is a little white rabbit that lives in the field across the fence from farmer Brown and his wife. Easter is a few days away and that means all the bunnies are busy preparing those baskets. Bunny Bob included.


He’s not your normal bunny, however. He wants to help but he makes mistakes. That’s why he’s called the Bumbling Easter Bunny. It starts when he wants to help gather the eggs. I’m not going to spoil the story.


Bunny Bob: The Bumbling Easter Bunny is the title of my latest book. After a couple of memoirs, I jumped genres and published a children’s book.


I submitted the manuscript, and a children’s book guru shared the manuscript with her illustrators. What came back to me almost made me cry. Everyone fell in love with Bunny Bob — his story and the illustrations.


I know. It’s not Halloween yet and I’m writing about Easter. Talk about rushing the season. But I’m proud of this project. It’s also given me a little boost to keep trying my hand at children’s books.


Meanwhile I’m still writing other works, also. I’m going to be at some holiday craft shows in Franklin County. I’m also trying to set up readings of Bunny Bob at libraries and Easter Egg Hunts come spring.


Oh yes, you’ll find a surprise at the end of Bunny Bob: The Bumbling Easter Bunny.


You can find Bunny Bob wherever you purchase reading materials online – amazon.com; barnesandnoble.com; booksamillion.com; and schulerbooks.com.


While Bunny Bob was being developed, I found a box of Ty’s Beanie Babies and came across Hippy, a bunny that looks like my Bunny Bob at the end of my story.



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