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Miami Book Fair Experience

Posted on November 19, 2016 at 8:05 PM

I had a wonderful weekend. I was signing books. Something unusual happened.


I was signing Poodle Mistress when I glanced up and saw a group of school children around my table. I smiled at them and asked if they were skipping school. A little smile back and the shaking of a head. A couple of boys wore shirts from one school. Then a couple of boys wearing shirts from another school or their school mascot.


Then questions from the side of the table.


Why did you write the book? I wrote it after ‘Marley and Me’ came out. That was the story of one dog. I had nine.


How long did it take you to write it? I wrote a character description of one dog for an assignment in a creative writing class in 1980 and then set it aside. I didn’t start writing again until 2008.


When did you publish it? I sent it to the publisher in October 2010 and it came out in February 2011.


I had a stack of books to sign and a bookmark to put in each one as I handed it to a waiting recipient. But these children grabbed a book off the pile and picked up my business card and handed me the book so I could sign it for them.


“If you’re all in the same class, you can read it and have a class discussion afterwards,” I told them.


They smiled at me.


“When I heard about your book on WLRN, I Knew I had to get it.”I looked up and saw an adult woman. “I have to get two. One for me and one for the teacher who set this up but couldn’t attend.”


I was pleased.


Throughout the afternoon I asked around. What is WLRN? Where is it heard? Is it radio or TV? II was getting both answers there. It’s a public radio/television station. It’s popular in South Florida. Truthfully, I need to learn more about it.


But I did learn that a school let its children come to the Miami Book Fair on Friday, a free day. My book Poodle Mistress had been featured for the children and they flocked to my booth. Now if I could only find out who they are and communicate with them.


And by the way, I hope they enjoy the book.




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