Family photos Family photos Red in 2010 98693975 Red in 2009 This is his 81st birthday present to himself. 98693976 Sandi in 2009 I worked at the Ohio State Fair in the summer. In 2009 I answered phones and e-mail. In 2010 I worked at an information booth 99018330 The bear and me This stuffed bear was in the lobby of the Shilo Holet in Idaho Falls, Idaho, during the 2008 National Federaion of Press Women conference. It's the best picture of me. Not bad of the bear either. 99282703 The first three Jacques Pierre, Zeke, and Shane in 1976 116854919 Book Cover This is the cover of Poodle Mistress.It generates a lot of interest. 129637423 Poodle Mistress at Piqua I attended Taste of Piqua in May 2011 where a book fair was held in the elegant library. 130103478 Poodle Mistress at Writers Ink Betty Montgomery with me at Writers Ink. She published poetry in Bad Red Shoes. 135797060 Poodle Cookies These were the cookies served at a book signing held in my honor 186361301 Celebration of Women 2014 The table I set up at Celebration of Women 2014 in Lancaster. 190656016 Ashes This is the statue in tribute to Ashes, the mascot of the Pleasant Valley Fire District who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2014. See November 1, 2014, blog entry. 196182064 My taqble at Dayton Bool Expo 2015 198389399 Fleabite Honoring Army Sgt. Fleabite Smith on the 74th anniversary of the founding of the K-9 Corps. 201276948 The Steele Mansion The Steele Mansion in Painesville has returned to life as a bed and breakfast. 201276949 LA Times Festival of Books 2016 The entry to the University of Southern Cal campus for the 2016 LA Times Festival of Books. 201593020 LA Times Festival of Books 2016 Signing Poodle Mistress for Ivana Giang at LA Times Festival of Books 2016 201593021 LA Times Festival of Books 2016 My book on sale at the Author Solutions tent at the LA Times Festival of Books 2016 201593022 Las Vegas 2016 A guest at Caesar's Palace for a book to screen pitch fest. 201919576 Bunny Bob: The Bumbling Easter Bunny Bunny Bob is the new love in my life. He and I share a birthday. 203194834